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For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in computers and technology, so much so that when I was growing up, my friends and peers in school used to call me the “next Bill Gates” (at the time Microsoft was dominating the market). My knowledge and passion for computing was always apparent and I enjoyed opportunities to help others and solve their technical issues. With the introduction of the web, this interest naturally grew to include website creation,

In college, I knew I wanted to pursue this interest in technology as a career, and growing up in a business savvy household, I decided to major in Business with a concentration in Information Systems at Indiana University. I subsequently also acquired my Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Indiana University in 2010. In the last five years I have held full-time positions in the healthcare area, as a technical support analyst for a software company that creates electronic medical record software utilized by the majority of major hospitals in the United States, and currently as an IT Business Analyst/Application Analyst for a health insurance company. In both positions, I have enjoyed the problem solving aspect of trying to figure out why a functionality in the system is behaving a certain (potentially incorrect way) and working with customers and co-workers to try to resolve it.

Solving others technical issues and problems is great, and can give you a feeling of achievement. However any time that I am working on an initiative that requires me to be creative and build a brand new solution, while learning to solve my own problems along the way, I feel an immense sense of accomplishment and pride. And the one way that I have always been able to express this has been through web programming. One of my first experiments in web development was using Microsoft FrontPage (in 1998) to build a website for my family’s entertainment agency. Since then, I’ve found other opportunities, while in college and on the side, to utilize and hone my development skills. And now I’m on my way to making a pretty significant change in my career and become a developer.

I had been considering making this transition for quite awhile as I’ve seen the growth of this decade’s technology scene, especially in New York- I’ve known its something I wanted to be a part of. In the summer of 2014, I dipped my toes into the code by taking a 10-week part time class focused on Back-End Web Development & Ruby/Ruby on Rails where I eventually created a rails application for anyone organizing a “field trip” to create a trip page, authenticating through Devise, looking for destinations and displaying destination information from Foursquare, and tracking attendees. Since then, I had been trying to find a course/program that would allow me to  acquire the skills required to make the switch to a developer role, and support me the in the job-search process. I finally found Flatiron School’s Learn-Verified online program, which is the much of the same curriculum of Flatiron’s campus-based program and then some. The course covers HTML/CSS, Ruby, SQL/Postgres, Sinatra, Rails, Javascript, along with more general programming concepts like object-orientation. I’ve been working my way through the program almost everyday after work and on weekends since I started in December. And I love it.

Next up: My development toolkit

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