“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, bring others along.”

When I woke up this morning and fired up my Chrome browser, this quote (unattributed) appeared on my motivational Momentum dashboard, and I thought it was coincidentally apropos to this post I was planning on writing today. One of the key components of the Learn-Verified program is its student community. Through Slack chat, peer and instructor support tied into […]

Building My First Ruby CLI Gem

Throughout the Learn program, I am constantly putting the concepts and materials I am taught to the test (quite literally) through various labs (verified through rspec tests) that are interspersed throughout the curricukum. At the end of larger modules, final projects are assigned and after recently completing a module focused on Object Oriented Ruby (OO […]

My Development and Learner’s Toolkit

When you’re creating anything, whether it be something physical like a chair or another piece of furniture, or software code, you need to have the right, robust set of tools to assist you in getting the job done. Over the last few years, I’ve put together what I feel is a pretty good toolkit. Yet I’m […]

I’m on my way…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in computers and technology, so much so that when I was growing up, my friends and peers in school used to call me the “next Bill Gates” (at the time Microsoft was dominating the market). My knowledge and passion for computing was always apparent […]

Greetings and Welcome!

Hi there and welcome to the latest edition of my blog! It has been quite a number of years since I had a blog (I just looked on the waybackmachine…it looks like my initial one lasted until 2005, so it’s been over a decade!) On that blog, I commented on what was going on in the […]

About This Blog

This blog will serve as my outlet to share my thoughts and learnings as I dedicate myself to becoming a full-stack web developer...something too long in the making.

What I’ve Been Learning

+ Ruby
+ Ruby on Rails
+ JavaScript
+ jQuery
+ AngularJS