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Entertainment Management System: The Second Act

If Sinatra is considered a lightweight DSL web framework, then  Ruby on Rails (or just “Rails”) is the heavyweight champion of the world. While both Rack-based systems are built on the model-view-contr0ller (MVC) paradigm in the Ruby programming language, Rails adds significantly more out-of-the box functionality (though in some cases less is more). With my expanded knowledge […]

Your Organized Data Can Be Worth Millions

Data is everywhere. It is relied on by every industry including advertising, health, science, government, shopping, finance, and service-oriented industries and more. Advertising can be targeted to specific individuals based on their online behavior, offline behavior, where they are located at the very moment, what they read and search for online, or even talk with their […]

Building My First Ruby CLI Gem

Throughout the Learn program, I am constantly putting the concepts and materials I am taught to the test (quite literally) through various labs (verified through rspec tests) that are interspersed throughout the curricukum. At the end of larger modules, final projects are assigned and after recently completing a module focused on Object Oriented Ruby (OO […]

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This blog will serve as my outlet to share my thoughts and learnings as I dedicate myself to becoming a full-stack web developer...something too long in the making.

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