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Capturing HTTP Requests and API Debugging On Demand

Over the last few months, as I’ve pivoted to learning JavaScript, jQuery, making AJAX calls using jQuery, (and am now gearing up to learn Angular), I began utilizing the awesome API testing tool Postman to assist in debugging my programming. Postman allows a user to send HTTP requests (GET, POST, PATCH, etc.) to API endpoints, passing the headers, authorization […]

My Development and Learner’s Toolkit

When you’re creating anything, whether it be something physical like a chair or another piece of furniture, or software code, you need to have the right, robust set of tools to assist you in getting the job done. Over the last few years, I’ve put together what I feel is a pretty good toolkit. Yet I’m […]

About This Blog

This blog will serve as my outlet to share my thoughts and learnings as I dedicate myself to becoming a full-stack web developer...something too long in the making.

What I’ve Been Learning

+ Ruby
+ Ruby on Rails
+ JavaScript
+ jQuery
+ AngularJS